Vishal Bhardwaj On How He Works With Cinematographers!

By Srikanth Kanchinadham. Posted on August 11, 2015

An excerpt from our series on Rakesh Anand Bakshi's book, 'Director's Diaries - The Road To Their First Films'.

Vishal Bhardwaj On How He Works With Cinematographers

"The cinematographer is like your wife on set. The wife you love, not the one you hate. (Smiles) I term the relationship as husband-wife because the cinematographer comprehends and understands your weaknesses and strengths, and covers up your mistakes seamlessly, as though they don’t exist.

He or she helps you arrive at that path during the most crucial stage of film-making, the shooting stage. A cinematographer is someone I can share anything with, and he or she understands the intricacies of not just the script but also the production process. Most importantly, the director sees his dream through the cinematographer’s eyes.

I have worked with various cinematographers because I like to work with different cameramen. When you work together in more than a film or two, you know each other’s weakness and sometimes you begin to exploit them.  A time comes, sometimes, in this relationship, where a good wife turns into a bad wife, or a good husband turns into a bad husband. So before we reach a stage where we begin to take advantage of each other, I switch my eye, my cinematographer. (Smiles)"

You can order the book online at Amazon & Flipkart.

If you want to read more about the book, check out it's Facebook page or Rakesh's blog. Also check out the Youtube channel for more video bytes with the directors.


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