What Does An Editor Do? This Video Tells You All About It...

By Aditya Savnal. Posted on September 22, 2015

Internet and technology has made filmmaking easier and more accessible than it ever was. It has also made it easy to access editing softwares which enable people to edit content and put it out on the internet. But does using various editing softwares make editing - an easy task to accomplish? Does it make the life of an editor easier? The answer is an emphatic no.

The job of an editor may seem easy, that however is not the reality. It takes immense skill and precision to go through hours of raw, unedited footage and splice and compile it in way that gives shape to the film that the director always wanted to make. And an efficient editor can truly work wonders with a film. Think of Thelma Schoonmaker, Walter Murch and some of the other best editors out there, and how their vision has helped churn out films like Mean Streets, Raging BullThe Godfather & Apocalypse Now.

A video by the online editing course Inside The Edit puts the spotlight on the complexities of an editor's job and how they help to shape a film. Must watch for everyone involved in the process of filmmaking.

The video clearly tells us how editing is much more than compiling footage and ensuring continuity. Editing gives shape and a structure to the vision of a director and his film. It gives the film a rhythm and a unique visual identity. It can be used to surprise, cheat, thrill the audiences and evoke other such varied reactions among the audiences.

Surely editing is a technical job. But being a good editor requires one to be artistic, skilled besides being technically sound and proficient in various other aspects. And these are just some of the roles the editor is expected to don on a daily basis. So the next time you think editing is child's play, think again. And take out a moment to acknowledge the role of an editor.


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