When In Doubt, Listen To Scorsese - He Never Ceases To Inspire You!

By Aditi Patwardhan. Posted on October 28, 2015

If we go around asking movie buffs for their favorite films of all time, there's no doubt that a bunch of Martin Scorsese films will come up in the answers. One of the most celebrated filmmakers today, Scorsese isn't just someone who shies away from media interactions. Being an excellent mentor, someone who openly talks about his creative processes and experiences, Scorsese is a source of inspiration for aspiring filmmakers all around the world.

In this video from the BAFTA Guru series, Scorsese talks about how he got started, which movies were influential for him and the advice he'd like to give to budding filmmakers. While talking about his college years, Scorsese remembers the very first film he made and the influence of an excellent professor, which shaped his filmmaking.

When asked about films that have influenced him, a nostalgic Scorsese talks about the films he watched when he was a mere 5-6 years of age. Old time westerns like Duel in the Sun and musicals like The Red Shoes have created an impact on his mind, he says. He finds these two indigenous genres the most interesting of the classic movie genres. Mentioning the works of filmmakers like Alexander Mackendrick, he admits to being heavily influenced by British cinema.

"Make your own industry" is the one-line advice that he gives smiling to the young filmmakers! Later explaining his point elaborately, he talks of cinema as a communal experience, where you can screen a film shot by a camera of the size of a doorknob in front of a theater full of audience. That experience is what's cinema, he says. "It doesn't necessarily have to cost 100 million". While talking about the new age cinema, he emphasizes on the advent of the latest technology. At the same time, he advises filmmakers to make new art, to push their boundaries. In his words- "Push your limits! Because it's going to go there where you could do anything!"


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