In Defence Of Visual Effects: Why CG Is Not Ruining Films!

By Yash Thakur. Posted on August 06, 2015

Today, halfway through any film, you'd realize that most of what is on screen is CGI. One feels as if he/she is watching a puppet show. Many people believe that CG is actually bad and ruining filmmaking, making it a very 'automated' process. But is it really destroying the concept of filmmaking, or are we just seeing bad CG?

To be fair, there are instances both of great success and downright failure that can be pointed to in support for or against CGI. From the Godzilla to Life of Pi, we have seen the spectrum of power of CGI. This video is firmly on the side of CGI and makes a defense of good CGI. Rocket Jump Film School, an online platform for filmmakers released this superbly cut and edited video of why we shouldn't be turned off by CGI.

Examining the various points where visual effects are used in some of the most famous movies, narrator Freddie Wong hits the nail straight on the head with this amazingly good deconstruction of the good, bad and the ugly of CGI, proving that the truly great visual effects serve both, the story and character. The highly viral video is a must watch for editors, DOPs and of course, visual effects supervisors.


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