Why Editing Matters - The Magic Of Editing In 10 Great Scenes!

By Aditya Savnal. Posted on June 24, 2015

Quick question. What connects the opening scene from City Of God, the Odessa steps scene in Battleship Potemkin or the shower scene in Psycho? Well, the answer is brilliant editing.

Legendary Walter Murch once said, 'Film editing is now something almost everyone can do at a simple level and enjoy it, but to take it to a higher level requires the same dedication and persistence that any art form does'.

And we couldn't agree more. Movies derive a lot of their visual style and identity from the way they are edited and presented to the viewer. And good editing helps to make a good film, better.

2001 Odyssey

A video on the YouTube channel Cinefix puts the spotlight on the art of editing by compiling 10 of the best editing moments of all time. This compilation also includes the opening scene of Apocalypse Now and the bone match scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey, besides the scenes mentioned above.

The 7 minute video is equivalent to an editing masterclass and tells a lot about the various editing techniques, aspiring editors should know about.


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