Why Kiarostami Thinks Short Films Are More Artistic?

By Jamuura Staff. Posted on May 25, 2014

Abbas Kiarostami, the Iranian director and head of the Short films jury at the Cannes Film Festival this year, has this to say about the role of short films;

"For me, the distinction between short and feature is meaningless. A film is a film. It has a beginning, a story and an end. It is more difficult to make a short film. Its weaknesses are more visible and can’t be compensated for as the film progresses. Freed from the constraints of theatre release, financing and what the public wants to see, short films are more personal and, therefore, more artistic. This is why we expect new forms of experimentation from their directors, as well as artistic audacity. The constant renewal essential to the art of cinema is the duty of young filmmakers. This is the very function of their short films, which are far more than mere exercises to enable access to cinema as a profession." 

Watch his debut short film 'The Bread and Alley' made in 1970.

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