Woody Allen Explained - This Infographic Takes You Through His Career In One Snapshot!

By Arun Fulara. Posted on November 29, 2015

One of the most prolific filmmakers ever, Woody Allen's cinema is as unique as his sense of humour. His films reflect his obsessions, chief among them being 'death', who's had an appearance or two in his films. Heavily inspired by the existential works of Ingmar Bergman & the European New Waves, Allen, who was a stand-up comic, veered to cinema in the 60's when he started writing for films. Annie Hall, his most well-known work, came in 1977 and set the standard for romantic comedies & won him two Oscars (Best Director & Original Screenplay). Since then he's gone on to create an entire genre, that film buffs have come to recognize as Woody Allen'esque.

This infographic on the filmmaker by illustrator Nathan Gelgud is as detailed a primer as any. Titled 'Love & Death - An Unpredictable Half-Century Of Woody Allen Movies', it takes you through his career, highlighting important films & events, and also explaining their significance. Check it out.

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