"Why Screenwriting Is Like Construction & Why It's Important For A Writer To Be An Outsider" - Notes From An Oscar Winning Writer!

By Srikanth Kanchinadham. Posted on May 04, 2016

Apart from sharing some of the best scripts out there, we have written numerous articles on how one can grow as a screenwriter here, here, and here. But there's no dearth of resources for screenwriters on the web. This amazing set of interviews with the Academy winning writer/director Paul Haggis, is one such.

“It's always good for a screenwriter to be an outsider” says writer/director Paul Haggis.

Haggis has written the screenplays for numerous movies and television series which include the likes of Million Dollar Baby, Crash, Casino Royale among others. An ardent fan of hard-work in terms of refining his craft of writing, Haggis left his family’s construction business to get into the field of writing. A humble, down to earth writer who is open to criticism in any form; Haggis is a role model for every screenwriter. Apart from writing, Haggis is also known for winning two Academy awards for his Indie blockbuster Crash.

Now that you have a gist of how talented he is, check out this set of interviews that is extremely resourceful for every screenwriter out there.

The first part of the interview has Haggis talking about similarities between screenwriting and construction. He also lays emphasis on the importance of plot outlines and the necessity of formal film education.

The second part of the interview focuses on how Haggis overcomes road blocks while writing along with accepting feedback & suggestions given by critics. He also explains how he handled multiple story lines in his film Crash.

The third and final part of the interview tests Haggis’ story telling skills by putting him through a simple examination. We also hear him speak about his inspirations and his experience as a writer.


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