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Is your film ready? Do you wish to send it to festivals?

festival icon We can help your film circuit the festivals across the world. From the paperwork, to the format to the programmers, Jamuura will guide you through the complex process of a film festival.

festival reelMind you, no one can guarantee (no, not even us) which festivals will screen your film, but there are ways to improve the odds.

festival filmSubmitting smart means less of your budget wasted on festivals that aren't right for you. Eliminate the rookie mistakes. So make your film and leave the rest to us.

Give your film an international audience !!

Key Terms

1. Give your film the global audience that it deserves.
2. Though you will pay the entry fees, we will chalk out the festivals that are best suited for your film.
3. We'll chart your festival journey, handle the logistics and plan out the premieres
4. Get an exposure of the festival circuit and connect with various directors and producers through the festival run.
5. Send your film to right festival, at the right time and to the right audience, specifically shortlisted on the basis of its content and theme.

Jamuura Milestones in Film Festivals

Over the past few months, Jamuura has represented select short films in film festivals and helped them reach the audience they deserve. Here's the list of films that have availed Jamuura's festival support services.

Directed by: Mayank Tripathi
1. 3rd Shaan-e-awadh International Film Festival 2015 winner of -
Best Director (Short), Best Screenplay, Best Actor (Male)
2. Delhi International Film Festival 2015 - Official selection

Directed by: Rohit Kannam
1. Kraljevskifilmski festival -
Nomination and screening
2. Qabila Film Festival - Nomination and screening
Directed by: Vijay Das
1. Prerana- Odisha Film Festival, 2015 -
Nomination and Screening
2. Indiefiesta Short Film Awards 2015 - Shortlisted for most viewed category
Directed by: Vijay Das
1. 3rd MICE (Mostra International Cinema Educatiu) 2015- Valencia (Spain) -
Nomination and Screening
2. Interurban Film Festival 2015- Sherman, Texas - Nomination and Screening
3. India Fiesta Short Film Awards 2015 - Official selection
Directed by: Deepak Thaper
1. International Film Festival of South Asia (IFFSA) 2015 - Toronto -
Nomination and Screening

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